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———————– 23 hyphens amazing facts have to know

———————– why people search?

The astonishing fact is that more than a thousand people search for ———————– (23 hyphens) on the Internet on monthly basis.

Whenever someone gets bored or due to the lack of internet, people search to test whether their browser is working or not, or maybe the hyphen key not work properly.

I think you are also one of them ☺

Let’s Learn some fact about the hyphens  ———————–

According to Wikipedia


(proper noun)

used to refer to a person with a hyphenated name.



used to emphasize the coordinating function usually indicated by the punctuation “-“.

What is hyphen

Hyphen “-” is a word used to add make clarify as mark and separate the letters of a word.

The use of hyphens is called hyphenation. father-in-law is an example of a hyphened word. The hyphen is sometimes confused with dashes (figure dashes -, en dashes -, m dashes -, horizontal bars -, which are long and have different uses, or with a minus) – whatever, the typeface. Some are centered in the longer and more vertical.

However hyphens should not be confused with en dashes, there are some overlaps in use (in which either hyphens or en dashes may be acceptable, depending on user preference, as discussed below).

In addition, hyphens often substitute for en dashes elsewhere in informal writing.

Hyphen is an orthographic concept that is a single entity. In terms of character encoding and performance, it is represented by a number of characters and glyphs, including Unicode hyphens (shown at the top of the above infobox), hyphens-minus, soft (optional) hyphens, and non-breaking. Hyphen. The character most frequently used to represent hyphens is called “hyphen-minus” by Unicode because it is used as a minus sign in spreadsheets and programming languages.


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Conclusion :

———————– searching on google using the browser is a fun fact only we hope the funny article make a simile. great to see here. keep smiling.

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